Private combined Sayoc Kali and Applied Self-Defense class offered for students that require afternoon sessions. Call for more information.

The Applied Self-Defense Program employs a combination of Boxing, Jeet Kune Do concepts, Filipino weapons and empty hand techniques and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to develop both physical and mental self-defense skills. Emphasis is placed on fighting techniques along with situational and environmental awareness. The training methods develop reflexes, coordination, flexibility, power, speed and endurance, giving each student a strong foundation in self-defense skills.

Sayoc Kali is a unique and dynamic system that develops a high level of skill in the application of edged weapons. It is one of the most complete edged weapons fighting systems available. Training includes knife drills, vital templates, transition drills, empty-hand techniques, disarms, counters, isolations, projectile and flexible weapons. Sayoc Kali drills are designed to provide a realistic perspective on the use of edged weapons. Private classes are available by appointment only. For more information and membership (required for instruction) visit

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